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  • Do I need to bring my equipment to the sessions?
    No.Coach Wilson will provide the kicking tee, holder and football for your session. You just need to bring yourself, your kicking shoes and your willingness to learn to improve your kicking form. It’s also suggested that you bring additional footballs to the session to avoid losing too much time recovering the football after kicks.
  • Can I pay for sessions online?
    No, cash or check payment is required at the session. You can also pay using Venmo or CashApp. If you are booking blocks of time, full payment is required at the first session of the block.
  • Does Coach Wilson leave me with anything to help my skills when we aren’t in session?
    Yes!Coach Wilson will video and chart every session with you and email you the video with instructions on areas for improvement as well as drills to practice to help with those skills.
  • Do I have to travel far to get to the sessions?
    No. Coach Wilson will come to you for your session. Whether it’s in your backyard or the local ball field, you and whoever is taking you to the session will not have far to go. (See Locations page for more information and limitations.)
  • What if I have a question between sessions, can I contact Coach Wilson?
    Yes. You can email, text or call Coach Wilson if you need some advice or encouragement or have questions about your action plan.That’s all part of program.
  • Is there a minimum number of sessions required?
    No, you can choose 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours or a block of 8 hours, whichever works best for your level of interest and need.
  • Do I have to be an experienced kicker?
    No! Coach Wilson will assess your experience and kicking level before the first session and design a coaching plan specific to your needs.Whether you are just learning or a college All-American, Coach Wilson will have your plan.
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