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Kicking and Punting Coaching Programs to Match Your Needs

No matter your skill level, Coach Wilson will work with you to improve every facet of your kicking/punting competency.  You'll learn:

Kicking Drills To Help:

  • Increase Accuracy

  • Improve Height and Distance

  • Amp Up Power

  • Eliminate Inconsistencies

  • Make Clean Contact

Punting Drills To Help:

  • Increase Hang Time

  • Produce Greater Power

  • Improve Drop Consistency

  • Start Hitting Spirals and Turnovers

  • Clean Up Stepping Pattern


  • Handling the pressure of kicking/punting

  • Treat every kick and punt the same

  • Embrace uncomfortable form changes

  • Understand the importance of muscle memory

  • Prepare yourself for the ups and downs of the position

With college football season under way, Coach Wilson's schedule is limited to Sunday sessions only until further notice.

Video Editing Keyboard

Film study and evaluation

Send Coach Wilson your film of a kicking or punting session and he will review it and reply with an in-depth analysis. This will include reviewing your strengths and weaknesses and providing corrective measures to help you with your fundamentals and technique.



Download the file below for guidelines of how to provide the best film for review.

Payment accepted by cash, check, Venmo or CashApp at the start of the first session.

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